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Amended 2011-2012 Budget
2012-2013 Budget
Amended 2012-2013 Budget

2012-2013 School Year:
1st Quarter Report 2012-2013
2nd Quarter Report 2012-2013
3rd Quarter Report 2012-2013
4th Quarter Report 2012-2013

2011-2012 School Year:
1st Quarter Report 11-12
2nd Quarter Report 11-12
3rd Quarter Report 11-12
4th Quarter Report 11-12
Final Audit 2012
Final Audit 2011

2012 MJ Management Employee Policy and Procedure Handbook
2012 Grattan Academy Benefit Guide
2012-13 Grattan Family and Student Handbook Technology Protection (Safety Procedures, Tornado, Fire etc.) is in the Handbook.

Emergency Policy

School Improvement Plans:
Elementary School
High School

Parent Involvement
Parents Role in Student Education
Grattan Academy Parental Involvement Policy

Professional Development
The staff at Grattan Academy is committed to professional growth through professional reading, attendance of college courses, workshops, seminars, in-services and trainings sponsored by SVSU and MJ Management.

Yearly Calendar
2012-13 CALENDAR

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